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Frequently Asked Questions:

What does the book include?
Whole New U Detox includes background information on the dangers of gluten and sugar. It also includes advanced preparatory instructions, a grocery list, over 30 recipes (including simple salad dressing recipes), a guide for further resources, and a chart displaying the health benefits of key ingredients used in the plan.

I don't have a lot of time in my day to cook. Can I still do the detox?

The detox often uses the cook once, eat twice principle. It also gives advanced preparatory instructions that you can do on a weekend to save on time cooking during the week. The recipes are not extensive and are made to be as simple as possible and still delicious, so even the novice cook can make and enjoy them.

What if I don't like a recipe?

If you don't like a recipe in the five-day plan, no worries! There is a list of addendum recipes at the end of the book and you can substitute any one of them. You may also choose to cook a recipe from another day in substitution.

I'm vegan. Can I still do the detox?

Yes! There are both vegan and non-vegan options in this plan.

Is this a juice detox?

No. This is a detox with recipes for real, whole foods. It does implement detoxifying herbs in the recipes and teas. You are also detoxifying your body from inflammatory gluten and sugar.

I have nut allergies and other food sensitivities. Will there be things I can eat?

Yes. Find the recipes with foods that work with your unique make up. There are no recipes that are dependent on nuts or dairy and we always suggest options for substitutions or omissions where nuts or dairy are present.

How much will the food cost?

The answer to this is highly dependent on what herbs, spices and ingredients you already have in your kitchen, where you shop, and how many ingredients you purchase organic. Organic is encouraged but not required. In the book, there is a chart listing the foods with the highest pesticide residues after washing so you can consider buying just those items organic. Cost is highly variable. If you choose to continue this lifestyle, there are many ways to save money. Some of the best ways are to eat in-season produce and to support your local farmers by going to a farmers market or buying into a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Also, once you have the spices on hand, you won't have to buy those again. In the end, is there really a cost to health? We know that there is a very high price on poor health. The feedback we got from our test groups is that the price was reasonable. We kept the ingredients minimal and put in the notes ways to make recipes your own. At any time, you can also add your favorite spices or vegetables to any of the recipes.

Can my children and family eat any of the recipes?

There shouldn't be any reason you can't share any of these healthy and delicious recipes with other members of your family.

I work during the week. Are the lunches portable and the breakfasts fast?

Yes. Both of the above.

Is it okay to do a detox during pregnancy or while nursing?
A Whole New U Detox is not a typical detox. However, before changing any dietary regiments during pregnancy or while nursing you should always consult a physician.

How many calories are there in the detox?
A Whole New U Detox is not based on calories. It's about reintroducing real, whole and unprocessed foods back into the daily diet and giving the body an opportunity to reset it's own healing response.  

Will I lose weight during this Detox?
Weight loss is highly individualized. With that being said, many of the people on the detox did experience weight loss. Of those who stuck with the lifestyle following the five days, those who lost weight kept it off or continued to lose.

What should I expect during the detox?
Again, expectations are highly individual because we are all very different (bio-individuality). While on the detox, many people reported feeling less bloated, decreased brain fog, increased energy and healthier to name a few. Better sleep was also reported.

I'm not celiac, why do I need to cut out gluten?

“Unfortunately, the modification of wheat in the United States and any typical spraying with glyphosate prior to harvest has made this grain highly toxic,” says Jill C. Carnahan MD, ABFM, ABIHM, ILMCP. Therefore, even those without celiac or gluten sensitivities would benefit from the elimination of wheat. That being said, refined sugar by itself should be reason enough to try this detox and make this lifestyle change. Sugar is one of the most highly inflammatory foods triggering release of insulin (which causes a breakdown of of tissue and the storage of fat). Sugar is lurking everywhere in processed foods. These are just a few reason to detox your life from gluten and sugar. I encourage you to check out The National Federation for Celiac disease (NFCD). Non-celiac-gluten sensitivity affects over 18 million people. Brain fog, intestinal issues, fatigue, and headaches are just a few examples of gluten sensitivity.

Can I exercise on the detox?
As always, before starting a new training regiment, consult a physician. However, this detox is designed to give you energy and introduce a healthy way of living that is compatible with exercise. 

WIth each purchase during the first year published, a donation was  made to the pancreatic cancer association of western new york. thank you for your support.

Bringing America Back to the Table

Eating real, whole, unprocessed,

And freshly-prepared food

hey all you rockstars,

are you ready for a whole new u?

Sarah-Christian teamed up with the amazing Laura Maxey (Health Coach with a passion for gluten-free cooking) to bring you Whole New U Detox: The 5 Day, Whole-Foods Detox From Gluten & Sugar. This book includes eighty-six gorgeous colorful pages filled with information, tips and over thirty recipes. It even includes directions for advanced meal prep (in case you don't have time to cook during the week) and a grocery list. This book is for everyone! Who knew eating healthy could be such a synch? Getting rid of gluten and sugar just might change your life like it has for thousands of others...It's time to rock it out to restore balance and find your authentic self! You got this!